Through proper maintenance foliage always more prosperous and appropriate silvicultural interventions can eliminate diseases and pests and to ensure longer life of each species. According to the specific claims Determine your garden maintenance plan, carried out by our experienced gardeners with modern technology. If you wish, you will be on your garden always return the same team of people. Maintenance is performed in both the private and public sectors.

Maintenance is performed throughout the year.

We provide these services

  • lawn maintenance – mowing, overseeding, fertilizing, weed removal, scarifying, aeration, etc.
  • cut hedges
  • shaping and cutting trees – maintenance, mold, zmlazovací, health, safety, reducing
  • professional felling and cutting stumps
  • maintenance flower beds – weeding, cleaning, appointing, mulching, fertilizing
  • spraying against pests and diseases
  • raking and hauling leaves
  • transportation and storage of biological waste

Arboristika and climbing the tree

  • expertise Certified Arborist Tree
  • dendrologic surveys and assessments
  • risk felling
  • security ties crown
  • work with a retractable platform, crane or rope

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