Design activity

We provide project development at all levels. The projects we develop for family gardens, company premises and municipal greenery.

Our cooperation will be as follows

Tentative meeting with landscape architect

which will discuss in detail your ideas, requirements and financial possibilities



Copies of the study

visuals vision of your future garden, complemented by inspiring pictures



Reconciliation final form of the study

necessary adjustments following the initial study



Copies of the complete project documentation

Project documentation includes the following:

1. Study

Upon approval of the final version

2. Placement – the precise specification of the proposed plants and their number

3. Setting out  – the exact location of biotic and abiotic components; dimensioned drawing

4. Technical report

text section covering the progress of work, a brief statement of measurements, a list of plants with the specified height and flowering time

5. Statement of notice

Interested in samples of our work? Visit our portfolio.

We also offer

Dendrologic surveys

Dendrologic survey is based on the inventory of green. Dendrologic survey is usually required to issue permits for felling according to the law č.114 / 1992 Sb. and also for drafting landscaping in public green spaces.


Dendrologic exploration permits for felling includes the following:

  • Taxonomic designation of an individual tree / shrub
  • sadovnické value
  • Height, crown width, girth circumference stump
  • Age category



We offer advice on the whole range of garden problems.